SPACEMUT inertial storage


Space Mut inertial storage units are very compact devices to facilitate installation in very small spaces. They are suitable for the connection of heat pumps and other heat generators, to multiple Relief units. They make it possible to optimize the performance of heat pumps, limiting the on/off cycles that affect their life expectancy as well as their efficiency, and at the same time speed up defrosting cycles during the winter period. They have four connections for connection as a hydraulic separator to distribution units . In fact, heat pumps, in order to be efficient and not suffer premature wear and tear, must work as much as possible at constant load, avoiding frequent switching on and off; the 6-connection version allows the connection of an additional heat generator (e.g. heat pump and boiler,...) Energy storage will therefore allow them to respond quickly to the heat demand of the system. Space Mut inertial storage units are supplied complete with support brackets for wall mounting, automatic air release valve and system load/unload tap. They are not internally vitrified, as they are intended for technical water storage of a closed circuit, where electrolytic currents likely to damage the tank do not develop

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