Anti-condensation Thermostatic Units




Blumut is a thermostatic unit complete with recirculation pump that connects a solid fuel heater (pellets, wood, chips…) to one or more inertial heat accumulators.
It is a very simple, compact device that works well and is easy to install. An important aspect of Blumut is that it causes the heater to work at the highest possible temperature in a manner that stops the formation of acid condensate and guarantees stratified filling of the accumulation tank without mixing water internally.
Blumut is therefore an effective anti-condensation and anti-thermal shock system that uses the maximum return of the heater to obtain energy-saving results.
The thermostatic elements used have different opening temperatures that range from 50 to 87°C. They can be easily replaced to adapt the working temperature effortlessly to the different characteristics of the unit. The natural circulation between heater and storage can be put to good use even when the pump is stopped. This is an important feature because if the electricity is disconnected for any reason, the heater is guaranteed a minimum flow of cooling water.

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