Combimut Hydraulic Separator

The multifunctional MUT hydraulic separator combines three different methods of operation, designed to meet the needs of the hydraulic circuits of heating and cooling systems and which may
be summarized as follows:

- hydraulic separator To keep connected hydraulic circuits totally independent fromeach other.
- Automatic air vent For automatic venting of any air contained in the circuits. Provided with a valved connection for maintenance purposes. The circulation of water, fully vented and without air inside, allows the systems to work in a optimal conditions without noise and mechanical damages.

- Dirt remover Its characteristic is to block and retain impurities in the hydraulic circuit that heavy slam on the metal filter and fall down in the lower part of the separator body, that acts as a decantation chamber. Here is also housed a magnetic device which retains ferromagnetic

The multifunctional Mut hydraulic separator is supplied with shell insulation thermoformed PE-X closed cell foam of 12 mm thickness, which guarantees a perfect thermal insulation.
MUT hydraulic separator series is available either with threaded connection “Gas” UNI EN ISO 228/1 or with connection flanges PN16 (see product dimension table)

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