Mixing and shunt shut-off valves


2/3-WAY SHUT-OFF VALVE, PN 16 CAN BE POWERED. (from G1/2” to G2”)


Series MK three-way shut-off valves can be used as shunt, mixing and on/off valves in heating, air conditioning and ventilation systems and in systems producing domestic hot water. MK valves can also be powered using MUT series AS motors and/or by motors commonly found on the market. Series MK three-way shut-off valves solve all the problems that installers encounter when they use traditional mixing valves. Series MK three-way shut-off valves guarantee:

  • Extremely low flow-by even when used as shunt valves in systems with high differential pressures.
  • Equal percentage adjustment curves, the best for temperature control in heating and conditioning systems.
  •  Impossible shut-off ball seizure even when calcium carbonate or other slag and deposits are present in the system.
  • Operating temperature range from 4 ÷ 150 °C.

These features make this valve highly suited to adjust temperatures in hot water production systems and to adjust temperatures in systems using structurally-embedded heating panels. Body and shut-off ball are made of brass. The stem is made of stainless steel. Stem seal is made using O-rings that are easily replaced in case of wear.

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