Mixing and shunt rotor valves

VM/VF 1000



This type of valve is used in central heating systems to ensure a hot return to the boiler and consequently achieve thermal operation at sufficiently high temperatures to prevent vapor condensation in the smokestack.
Vapors, in combination with the products of combustion, can generate corrosive compounds that reduce the operating life of the boiler. MUT valves are supplied with manual control systems and can be easily motorized at any time using MUT M Series and V Series type motors and/or commercially available motors. MUT valves consist of a cast-iron body and an internal rotor. The rotation angle of the rotor is approximately 90°. Mixing is done by a circular segment rotor in models VDM and VDF and by a butterfly valve in models VM and VF.

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  • VM/VDM 2000

  • VM3000 VM3000R

  • VM3000E

  • VMX