Dirt Separator and Deaerator




 Mut threaded deaerators / dirt separators combine two different functions, created to meet the needs of the hydraulic circuits of heating and cooling systems and which can be summarized as follows:

• Deaeration Its characteristic is to block, thanks to a synthetic filtering net placed inside the body, the air bubbles present in the circuit, eliminating them continuously through the automatic vent. The completely deaerated water circulation allows the plants to work in optimal conditions without noise, mechanical damage, with greater efficiency, lengthening the life of the plant.

• Dirt removal Its characteristic is to block and retain the heavy impurities present in the hydraulic circuit which, by hitting a synthetic filtering net placed inside the body, undergo a speed reduction and settle more easily, this allows the fall into the lower part of the body called the well. collection that acts as a settling chamber. Here is also housed a magnetic device that retains ferromagnetic impurities. Mut deaerators / dirt separators are supplied complete with thermoformed shell insulation in expanded PE-X with closed cells th.10 mm which guarantees perfect thermal insulation