Anti-condensation Thermostatic Units




Blumut Compact is a filling group complete with recycle pump that connects to a solid fuel boiler (pellets, wood, chips…) with one or more accumulation tanks. It is easy to use and functional, very compact and easy to install.
Its main characteristic is that it allows a high working temperature to reach the boiler, so stopping the formation of acid condensation. It also guarantees stratified loading of the accumulation tank, limiting the internal mixing of water. Blumut Compact is therefore an efficient anti-condensation and anti-heat shock system that increases boiler return and lengthens boiler life. The thermostatic elements used have different opening temperatures that range from 50 to 87°C. They can be easily replaced, in order to adapt the operation temperature to the different system characteristics.
Blumut Compact also favours the natural circulation between boiler and accumulation with the pump stopped, a very important function because a minimum boiler cooling flow rate is guaranteed if the power supply is interrupted.

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