Mut lean way

In 2008 MUT Meccanica Tovo started exploring the potential of a lean approach to production and, once we began to understand the cultural approach, we adopted the pertinent principles and gradually the techniques and instruments for our own company processes. This new approach is fundamental to our work and all that production implies.

It instills the idea of continuous improvement and serves as the message that we consider important for everyone in the company: “we believe” – investing in courses, working together to find problems by involving people and sharing them with the work group. Over the past few years we’ve acquired a dynamic vision of improvement that is constantly evolving.

We have to continue to apply reasoning methods that may even be counter-intuitive in order to find new opportunities. At MUT we know that the once we’ve reached stable speed and fluidity of the operative processes that make up our work , a lean approach makes it possible to free up time, space and energy resources that can be otherwise dedicated, for example to the development of new products …. in the lean mode. And, why not intertwine the road to development more and more with the road to sustainable development


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    VAT NUMBER: IT00315130245


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