Mixing and shunt shut-off valves


PN 16 2/3 WAY SHUT-OFF VALVES, CAN BE MOTORIZED (Range from D25 to DN50)


The MK/E series three way shut-off valves can be used as diverter, shunt and intercepting valves in heating, air conditioning, ventilation and hot water systems.
In addition, the MK/E valves can be motorized using MUT AS series motors and/or motors produced by companies involved in adjustment. The MK/E series three way shut-off valves solve any problem that the installer comes across using traditional mixer valves. The MK/E series valves guarantee:

  • Very low leakage even if used in systems with high differential pressure;
  • The best equipercentage regulation curve for regulating the temperature in heating and conditioning systems;
  • Impossibility of shut-off seizure even when calcium or scale and deposits are present in the system;
  • Working temperature range from 4 ÷ 150 °C.

These characteristics make this type of valve particularly suitable for regulating the temperature in systems that produce hot water and for adjusting the temperature in systems panels that are embedded in structures.
The body and shut-off are made of brass, the shaft is of stainless steel. The shaft is sealed with O-Rings that can be easily replaced if they deteriorate..

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